Coming Soon:


(A Classical Cabaret where women have the last word.)

AS I WAS SAYING… is a new musical performance piece I'm writing based on some of Shakespeare's most iconic women.  It weaves together original music and text, as well as direct excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays, to explore diverse perspectives of Lady Macbeth, Cordelia, Gertrude, Beatrice, Juliet, Ophelia, Constance, Portia and many more.   Below is a demo of my Lady Macbeth piece titled “BLOOD SONG”.   Stay tuned.  More to come!



Past Productions:

The Keening Revival


@ Fertile Ground PDX, 2022

A virtual performance project created during the pandemic.  In creating this piece I challenged myself to learn new aspects of artistic production. By wearing all hats from composer, director, performer, videographer, to sound engineer and beyond, I explored the question:

“What can I create when everything is stripped away?”

Inspired in part by the Celtic tradition of keening, or caoineadh, a form of vocal lament for the dead traditionally performed by women prior to burial, The Keening Revival serves as a meditation on the experience of isolation within grief, as well as within the creative process itself.   

Album available on Bandcamp (see link on my Music page). 

From These Streets I Rise 


@ CoHo Productions, PDX, 2020 
@ Fertile Ground PDX, 2019 

"A can't miss event..." ~ Willamette Week, 2019 

A documentary theatre piece based on interviews I conducted with unhoused Street Roots vendors.  The piece served as a fundraiser for Street Roots; proceeds went directly to individuals struggling with homelessness.