Coming Soon:

The American Gun Experiment

(working title)

A new documentary theatre work exploring
America's relationship to guns.

Over the course of the next year I will be conducting interviews of individuals across the political spectrum to better understand our relationship to guns.  I am in the early stages of research and development.  The piece will be presented as a workshop in the Fall of 2023, with the plan to develop a fully mounted production in 2024. 



Past Productions:

The Keening Revival


@ Fertile Ground PDX, 2022

A virtual performance project created during the pandemic.  In creating this piece I challenged myself to learn new aspects of artistic production. By wearing all hats from composer, director, performer, videographer, to sound engineer and beyond, I explored the question:

“What can I create when everything is stripped away?”

Inspired in part by the Celtic tradition of keening, or caoineadh, a form of vocal lament for the dead traditionally performed by women prior to burial, The Keening Revival serves as a meditation on the experience of isolation within grief, as well as within the creative process itself.   

Album available on Bandcamp (see link on my Music page). 

From These Streets I Rise 


@ CoHo Productions, PDX, 2020 
@ Fertile Ground PDX, 2019 

"A can't miss event..." ~ Willamette Week, 2019 

A documentary theatre piece based on interviews I conducted with unhoused Street Roots vendors.  The piece served as a fundraiser for Street Roots; proceeds went directly to individuals struggling with homelessness.